Spearhead Hires Corey Tiller as Portfolio Manager of Liquid Market Strategies

WELLINGTON, FL – Spearhead, a boutique financial services firm focused on providing customized solutions for ultra high net worth investors, family offices, and asset management firms, is pleased to announce that Corey Tiller joined the team as a Portfolio Manager of Liquid Market Strategies effective August 1, 2017.  Corey will be reporting to Scott Sandstrom, Partner and Managing Director of Liquid Market Strategies.

Prior to joining Spearhead, Corey served as a global equity analyst and institutional portfolio manager for Northern Trust.   The multi-billion dollar fund family operated in both the high net worth individual and institutional investor spaces on platforms across the market.  During his tenure at Northern, Corey contributed to a diverse range of products and investment styles, including U.S. Large Cap Value, U.S. Large Cap Growth, International Core and Balanced products.

Corey earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from Liberty University, a Masters in Business Administration from University of Florida, and a Masters of Science in Accounting from Liberty University as well.  Corey is both a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

“As we continue to experience significant client inflows, we remain focused on bolstering the requisite talent to serve our families, as they expect to be served.  We anticipate the addition of Corey to the team will be meaningfully supportive in our efforts to serve our clients and the firm.  Corey’s experience, intelligence and integrity are in line with our firm’s core principals in how we offer value to our clients.  Consistent with our core values, we will continue to add talented individuals who have a proven track record in handling the complexities of our clients’,” remarked Scott Sandstrom, Partner & Managing Director of Liquid Market Strategies.

“Over the past 12 months, we have been making strategic hires to increase our capabilities in providing complete Advanced Wealth Planning solutions to clients, allowing clients to strive to meet their goals, not only by the structures we have created but also the investment management associated with those structures in either liquid or illiquid investments,” says Jarrett Bostwick, General Counsel & Co-Founder of Spearhead.

CEO & Co-Founder, Todd Walters, adds: “With the caliber of Corey and the team, we are increasing our capability and scalability of our customized investment management offering to clients, allowing them to gain better control over their liquidity, expenses and tax profile.”

About Spearhead

Spearhead is a boutique financial services firm exclusively focused on providing customized solutions for ultra high net worth investors, family offices, and asset management firms. The firm strives to provide long-term value to clients on an after income tax and estate tax basis by combining balance sheet risk management techniques together with investment strategies.

All Securities are offered through Spearhead Capital, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC.  Advisory Services are offered through Spearhead Capital Advisors, LLC.  Consulting and Administration services are offered through Spearhead Innovative Solutions, LLC and its subsidiaries.

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